Vintage Patchwork Trousers

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The Vintage Patchwork Trousers is made with organic cotton featuring patchwork detailing with reclaimed fabrics. 

The base material used to make this garment is 100% GOT certified organic cotton, this is important as it removes harmful chemicals from the production process. 

The patch detailing in made using reclaimed home upholstery utilising second hand and pre existing materials, reducing the demand for new virgin materials to be produced and also means these Bethany Williams garments are unique.

This Vintage Patchwork Trousers have been made by Making For Change, a social manufacturing project based inside HMP Downview and in Poplar, supporting and training participants with makers skills and qualifications. 

The Vintage Patchwork Trousers are a part of The Hands That Heal Us AW22 collection, inspired by the ever growing community of makers, creatives, local and social manufacturers all of whom play such an integral part in the Bethany Williams brand and supply chain.

Product Code: BWAW22002
Origin: Made in England
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Washing Instructions: