Manusa is a type-B social cooperative established in 2012 in order to combine a revitalization of textile crafts with ethical and social values. In Sanskrit, Manusa means ‘human’, their philosophy is based on a vision of sustainable, inclusive fashion that means valuing design as much as the social impact of its projects.

Since the beginning, Manusa’s entrepreneurial plan has been based on a ‘circular economy’ concept to preserve local traditional textile techniques such as hand-knitting, embroidery, crochet, machine-knitting and mending, re-purposing textile waste by creating contemporary design products that represent pathways of social empowerment, creative research, and honest quality.

The cooperative aims to integrate from people various backgrounds into their workforce, providing them with the means to redevelop their personal resources and help them to rediscover their creativity. Manusa is part of the Mending For Good network, founded by Barbara Guarducci.

Manusa have worked with Bethany Williams since 2020, working on both production and sampling of the All Our Children and All Our Stories collections.

For the All Our Stories collection, we collaborated with the Mending For Good network, as knitwear was a key area of development. The knitwear for this collection was designed in collaboration with Alice Morell Evans, using Sesia Wool industry waste sample swatches, crocheted together with Seisia organic bio wool by the team at Manusa.