Orto Print Studio

Orto Print Studio is a female owned and run screen print studio based in Peckham, London. Led by an all female team, Orto works with specialist screen printing inks such as Aquaflex from Magna Colours, who created the first formaldehyde-free discharge printing ink in 1998. Aligning with our values, MagnaColours have worked hard to reduce the volume of harmful chemicals used in the textile industry.

Orto is a specialist fabric screen printing service, delivering high quality printing on the tight deadlines usual in the fashion industry. Professionally equipped and trained in an extremely broad spectrum of print processes, they are able to execute a designer’s vision to the highest of standards. Attention to detail is central. Working with a growing list of high profile clients, their offer includes small print runs, that are perfect for smaller labels like us.  

We’ve worked with Orto since our SS19 collection No Address Needed to Join. Able to print on a range of materials their previous work for us has included recycled nylon tents, recycled unpicked denim, organic cotton denims, jerseys.

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