Spires is a registered charity based in South London, helping hundreds of homeless and disadvantaged people. With a vision toward a community where no one is left without a home, support, information, advice and guidance – Spires’ aim is to enable people to be able to make the choices that are right for them. Having worked to support the homeless since 1989, they registered as a charity in 1993 and continue to this day, in providing an incredible support system for those in need. Their offer has expanded to offer multiple services tailored to their clients, including their Rough Sleeper Space, Spires Streetlink (which includes outreach and centre services for women involved in sex work), Open Access drop-in, Women’s Space and our Spires Adult Learning Centre

With a female only ‘safe space’, Spires offer help to women who are vulnerable, socially isolated and women who are engaged with sex work. Their dedicated female team of staff and volunteers offer support to those who come to Spires for help. With a long term consistent approach, Spires complete a holistic assessment of need and create a care plan for each client.

Inspired by the transformation it brings to the women who engage with the Women’s Space, The Butterfly Cafe, an apt name – is a weekly session they hold that offers a safe space and meeting point for vulnerable women. To socialise over food and drink, and partake in creative activities to learn and develop skills in arts and crafts, jewellery making, knitting and card making. Support workers at the centre note the name came from the transformative effect the sessions were having on the women’s lives. 

Due to the Pandemic services offered by Spires have had to react and adapt to the current situation to maintain their essential service of supporting people in vulnerable populations. Throughout the Covid Crisis they have remained open with a reduced service to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Although social sessions have had to be put on hold for the time being, they have continued to offer a breakfast to rough sleepers every weekday morning and have established themselves as a hub for the local Streetlink Team. They worked tirelessly to help more than 50 people get off the streets and into hotel/B&B accommodations. Many were without recourse to public funds and Spires provided food parcels to keep them going during Lockdown when they were unable to work.

We collaborated with Spires for our SS20 collection named after The Butterfly Cafe, the collection spotlighted the incredible work they do to transform women's lives. Bethany volunteered weekly throughout the collection development. As with every collection we produce, the partner charity from the season receives 20% of the profits from the sale of the collection. 

Find out more about Spires, and donate to support their work via Just Giving.