Microsoft: Augmented Atelier

Founder of planet-first fashion magazine More or Less, Jaime Perlman teamed up with Microsoft to launch Augmented Atelier, a new digital approach to garment creation that included creations from four of London’s most cutting-edge fashion designers. Alongside Phoebe English, Fredrik Tjærandsen, and Rottingdean Bazaar, we were invited to create digital designs in the Augmented Atelier

Alike to our real-life garments, our designs used paper waste woven fabric from our social manufacturer San Patrignano, a fabric which has featured in many of our collections. Due to the difference in working digitally, our team explained in detail the fabrication, how it sits, its stiffness, manuability and how it drapes on the human form. The woven textile sample was scanned in and sent over to the developer who created a blanket fabric for the surface of our garment. Bethany completed design drawings and sent them to a 3D developer to recreate the garments from sketch to final outcome. Once drafts were created Bethany worked with the developers to make final adjustments.

This was an opportunity to explore the world of 3D Design, and all the garments developed for the Augmented Atelier were 100% digital which eliminated the toiling process, and making process so in turn, did not create any waste. A technique which gives the opportunity to see the garment in its entirety on a mannequin before having to make the physical product.

Explore the Augmented Atelier creations by Bethany Williams on Microsoft.